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david shepherd gets arrested for child porn

David: The Shepherd, The Warrior - Simple To Remember

david shepherd gets arrested for child porndavid shepherd gets arrested for child porn

Guided by God, Samuel finds himself in the town of Beit Lechem (today’s Bethlehem), paying a call on a man named Jesse among whose sons the next king is to be found.

Jesse presents seven of his sons, and Samuel sees that all are amazing men - physically fit, well-educated in Jewish law, dedicated to God. But not good enough. The Bible relates that as Samuel is admiring one of Jesse’s sons, he gets a message from God:

God said to Samuel, “Do not look at his countenance and at his tall stature, for I have rejected him. For it is not as man perceives it; a man sees what is visible to the eyes but God sees into the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7)

So Samuel asks: “Don’t you have any more sons?” Jesse, a little flustered, responds: “Well, there still the youngest one, but he is out tending sheep.”

The little one is David. Samuel demands that Jesse go get him and as soon as little red-headed David appears, Samuel knows he is the one. Despite the fact that physically he’s not so impressive, he has what it takes to be the strong leader Israel needs.

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