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Anyway, I don’t own the show, any rights to go with it…blah… Please don’t sue me because I have no money anyway. At least, no more than two cents to speak of.

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Look at what he’s done, they cry, all the stupid humans, robots and aliens. What do they know? Weeping like that, it’s humiliating. Do they think I don’t care? Of course I do, but I won’t make a fool out of myself like them. Fry wouldn’t cry if I died….right?

We weren’t friends, not at all, but still…..I…..kinda…..looked up to him. When we were roommates I got the good grades, the women and I had more friends then he did. But he….was more of what I wanted to be. More humans then I could ever be, he had….fun. What did I have? I had to be what I was made to be.

I was miserable, and always would have been if not for his advice. Now I have found a little happiness, and no longer have anyone always expecting the best of me like the professor always did. All thanks to Fry.

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